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Frontera WiFi Installation Wins Digital Equity Award

We are delighted to have designed the network and installed all hardware for the City of McAllen TX WiFi Initiative. This broadband project, designed to bridge the digital divide for McAllen’s low-income students and residents, has won the 2022 Digital Equity Award from NATOA, a leading telecommunications membership organization. This organization annually recognizes the project that best addressed digital inequalities within communities nationwide.

Over the course of just 60 days, we partnered with Cambium Networks and Federated Wireless to design, engineer, and implement a 1,000-node, citywide Wi-FI and CBRS network for McAllen.

This network, which leverages citizens’ broadband radio service (CBRS) to deliver maximum broadband capacity to McAllen’s low-income neighborhoods, is making connectivity possible for residents who previously had to travel to restaurants and parks to access Internet.

Designed to make education, job opportunities, and remote work possible for more of the citizens of McAllen, this project is breaking down the digital divide and providing a sustainable network for the community.

It is our honor to work with clients such as McAllen to create innovative connectivity solutions that put broadband access in front of everyone who needs it. We are proud to have won this award and even more proud to have had the opportunity to serve the City of McAllen!

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