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“The Wi-Fi sucks.”

That’s what you hear from your co-workers, guests, tenants, or anyone trying to get online. The problem is that no one can tell you why it sucks. They just make a big blanket statement that calls into question hundreds, thousands, and millions of dollars of infrastructure because they can’t seem to do what they need to do online.

How do You Fix Bad Wi-Fi?

There are a number of easy fixes to bad Wi-Fi. The problem is understanding what is happening on the wireless and wired network to make a seemingly awesome network not function the way someone thinks it should. Fixing Wi-Fi is easy, understanding where the problem is can be difficult.

How Do You Find Wi-Fi Problems?

You need to look at the entire network, not just the wireless side. Until recently there have been no toolsets readily available to accurately identify, troubleshoot, and provide answers to broken Wi-Fi networks.

Simplifying Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

We Can Help You Quickly Fix Bad Wi-Fi

a simple way to view network funcitonalityUnderstand how your Wi-Fi is working, or NOT working, doesn’t have to be difficult. The toolsets that we empower you with give you a high-level view of what’s happening, when it’s happening. They also provide us with critical information about the functionality of your network so that we can easily identify problem areas and get your reputation stabilized quickly.

Using Tools and Monitoring to Make Your Wi-Fi Awesome

Using industry-leading toolsets, correct implementation, and oversight of your network, we can help you identify problems when they are happening, as they happen, from the client’s perspective instead of relying on old toolsets that give you a view of what happened after your clients have disconnected and trashed your network reputation.

How We Do It

Installing wireless sesnors

We place or recommend placement of sensors on your network that report what your network looks like to the clients up to a cloud dashboard. We monitor your network through dashboards and alerts to notify us when something is happening. We identify if it is a serious problem or something transient. We then alert you if it is service affecting, telling you where the problem is and what problems the network issue is causing. By quickly understanding and identifying where Wi-Fi problems are occurring, we can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in troubleshooting and countless hours of I.T. troubleshooting.

To learn more about this, please read the following blog post:
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Let Us Help You Get Great Wi-Fi.

Your Wi-Fi doesn’t have to suck. The tools and services are out there to help you, you just have to want to give your customers a great experience.

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