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We understand the needs of a small business or private sector. We facilitate the process of adapting to a more technological world by education on the latest software and hardware. Allow us to protect and extend the longevity of your investment, to maintain and secure your confidential information, and to reduce unnecessary costs and increase your productivity.
* Software Upgrades
* Diagnostics & Repair
* Data Backup Services
* Virus/ Spyware Removal

* Wireless Installation & Security
* Data Recovery
* Network Design & Implementation
* Complete Business IT Outsourcing
* Office Relocation & Installation
* Data Migration
* Online Backup Services
* Remote System Support
Operating System Install
Whether you need to get your business computer set up for the first time or upgraded to the latest and greatest operating system, we’ll not only install the operating system but also take care of installing all the necessary drivers, critical updates and software titles originally supplied by the manufacturer. Hardware and software not included.Operating System Service
Time is money. Downtime is even more money, so when you’re experiencing blue screens, boot issues, freeze ups and other issues that affect your business, send for SavvyComp. We’ll troubleshoot your operating system, repair any problems, remove all viruses, spyware and unneeded programs and startup items, as well as install any critical updates to keep your business up and running. Hardware and software not included.

Software Service/Install
You focus on running your business. We’ll focus on the other stuff—like repairing, troubleshooting or installing that software application you’ve been meaning to get to. And don’t worry. We’ll also take care of installing all critical updates for that software and importing up to 100MB of data into the application (if upgrading). Hardware and software not included.

Hardware System Install
Hardware is what runs your business, so we’ll make sure what you already have is working properly and what you’re going to get is installed correctly. Memory, hard drive, optical drive, tape drive, scanner, printer, whatever. That includes any software needed to run the device. Hardware and software not included.

Data Backup/Transfer
We can back up or transfer an unlimited amount of important business information to another medium, including DVD, CD, internal or external hard drivers or another PC. Hardware and software not included.

Server Application Service
When server software starts acting up, it’s time to call in SavvyComp. We’ll troubleshoot and repair the application that’s giving you problems or install new server software. On top of that, we’ll make sure you get all critical updates and that everything’s configured and working properly. Hardware and software not included.

Server Service
When your server’s having problems, we can help get it back on track. We’ll come right to your business to troubleshot the problem and repair it. While we’re in there, we’ll clean out any viruses or spyware you’ve picked up, remove any unneeded startup items and programs, and install operating system critical updates. Hardware and software not included.

Advanced PC Set Up and Server Configuration
You take care of your business, we’ll take care of your new computers. We’ll come in and set up one computer system (computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers), install a single server application, install one peripheral/external device, configure your new computer onto your domain environment, install and configure any network resources (printers, shared devices, etc.) and of course, test everything for proper functionality, to keep your business running smoothly. Hardware and software not included.

Network Installation & Setup
A connected business is a happy business. We’ll set up and secure a two-computer network, a wired or wireless router and the knowledge you need to use file share, printing, mobility and backups. Hardware and software not included.

Business Wireless Networking for up to Six PCs, Devices
All the advantages of business wireless networking, like file sharing, printing, mobility and backups, for as many as six PCs/devices. Devices include desktops, laptops, PDAs, adapters, printers, etc. Additional devices for $69 each. Hardware and software not included.

On-Site Repair Plans & Maintenance
For and hourly fee, we’ll take care of any repairs, installations and updates, remove viruses and spyware, perform preventative maintenance, and basically keep your business system running at full capacity.