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Identifying the correct equipment necessary to meet your network objectives is only the beginning of our process. Having the correct staging, configuration, and installation is the key to a functional and reliable network. We take pride in providing full turn-key solutions to our clients and as that includes our professional integration services.

From following manufacturers best practices and working closely with your equipment vendor to taking the time and attention to detail to focus on things as simple as cable management, we take great pride in everything we do. We want to retain your business for many years to come and that can only be done by providing the best service possible and avoid cutting corners. The service industry can be brutal and at times cost you the reliability of your network, your reputation, and in some cases your career. Our goal is to ensure that when you sign off on our work you have the confidence that it will out perform your expectations from the moment we complete the project and for years to come.

Core Network Services

  • Component Commissioning and staging
    • Switches and Access Points
    • Routers
    • WLAN Controllers
    • Multipoint / BWA Base stations
    • IP Conversion equipment
    • Firewalls and Security Appliances
  • Wireless Communications Systems
    • WiMax / LTE / Other BWA base stations
    • Client / CPE / SU / SM configuration testing and staging
    • WLAN AP (Access Point) staging and configuration (Lightweight / Thin & Autonomous)
    • WLAN Management and Controller configuration, staging, and commissioning
    • Pre and Post installation site surveys
    • RF signal and throughput validation
    • RF and radio environment assesment
    • Full-scale spectrum analysis and data collection