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Firetide provides the highest performance fixed and mobile wireless IP network infrastructure products that enable concurrent video, voice and data applications for government, transportation, education and commercial customers. The company’s products are used to build private wireless mesh infrastructure and access networks for indoor and outdoor use that are highly reliable and secure. Firetide is based in Silicon Valley with operations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. Firetide has an installed base of thousands of customers in 40 countries around the world.


Products and Services

Wireless Infrastructure: Firetide is a leader in providing a reliable and secure wireless mesh infrastructure uniquely capable of meeting the demanding performance requirements of real-time video applications. Firetide’s  infrastructure products are powered by our AutoMesh technology platform. While our mesh products are a defacto standard for wireless video surveillance, it can enable a host of other data or voice based applications in PTP and PTMP as well. This single infrastructure is used to support multiple applications simultaneously without compromising on quality of service, performance and reliability.

Wireless Access: Firetide launched its wireless access products in 2011 leveraging its wireless infrastructure technology knowledge and expertise to create a solution that is extremely high performance and provides excellent total cost of ownership vs. competitors. Target markets include those where high-performance Wi-Fi access is needed in conjunction with reliable backhaul such as Wi-Fi hot zones or3G/4G offload.

Network Management software provides powerful centralized management and control with full FCAPS support and a web-based user interface.

Professional Services includes a complete set of offerings that ensure deployment of reliable, secure and efficient end-to-end wireless networks for customers, including: network planning, design, project management, deployment, and training.

Unique Firetide Technologies

  • L2 Distributed Ethernet Architecture – Simplicity of wired Ethernet is carried over to the wireless mesh simplifying deployments and operations. Ensures any IP application easily and seamlessly function over a Firetide mesh network.
  • Firetide Mesh Routing Protocol – Designed from the ground up to be a low overhead, high-performance mesh routing protocol. Created with stringent requirements of multimedia applications enabling it to work well for any video/voice/data application.
  • Seamless Infrastructure Mobility – Seamless, secure infrastructure roaming at high speeds, low latency, and zero packet loss at 90 miles per hour.
  • Multi-hop Mesh – Provides ability to easily scale a Firetide’s mesh network to create a very large infrastructure without compromising performance.