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Hotels, apartment complexes, housing communities, duplexes, and other similar building groups are commonly referred to as MDUs or Multiple Dwelling Units. MDUs require a specific type of Wi-Fi service compared to other types of solutions or integrations. The fact that there are many users, all looking for fair, balanced, and speedy access to the internet is one thing to consider, but the fact that they are all within a very close proximity is another.

At Frontera, we can help you design a state-of-the-art solution for MDUs. We will take into account what each user in the MDU is trying to accomplish, apply some real-world scenarios to it, and come up with a solution that will give your guests, tenants, or customers, and your company exactly what they are all looking for.

No two facilities are the same and it is important to remember that unless you share the same floor plan and building materials, you can count on having different results at each site.

Let us help you help your users

We will deliver to you a broad estimation of what to expect, where to expect it, and how much it will cost before ever setting foot on your property (with the correct information from you, of course.) Once we come to an agreement, we can dive in deeper to completely build a scenario that will set your expectations of your project. When we are done, you will have a guided path to go down to resolve your issues, and a partner that you can rely on to implement that plan. From setting the goals to having the equipment installed, our job is not complete until you are satisfied with your service. With this in mind, we offer KPI (Key Performance Indicator) testing on our completed networks. This will show you what the installed solution is truly capable of, how it works, and what it is actually doing. If you compare the KPI report with our estimation from the beginning of the project, you will see that we are extremely accurate at predictive modeling and achieving our goals with your project.