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As a pioneer in data and broadband wireless communications, our team at Frontera can help you make the most of your dollars while providing you with infrastructure you own, the ability to scale, and the piece of mind of a fully-functional network.

Point to Multipoint microwave systems allow you to use a central location to feed all of your remote sites back to using the latest wireless technology to give you network capacity when and where you need it. Gone are the days where the amount of service you can obtain is dependent upon where the telephone of cable companies has facilities.

Our PMP systems are used throughout the Rio Grande Valley, the state of Texas, and across the United States to deliver critical information every hour of every day. Whether it is HIPAA compliant and sensitive information, video surveillance traffic, data from Police Departments to City Halls, or Voice Over IP traffic and phone calls, multipoint microwave has the capability to support your applications.

Licensed and Unlicensed options are available for you to choose from, and depending on your location, these options may vary greatly. Determining the correct frequency to use to fit your applications as well as the process that is involved to obtain some of these frequencies can be daunting. We can assist you in determining what suits your needs, what is available, and how to obtain authorized usage in your area.

Contact us today to find out how multipoint microwave systems can help you achieve network stability, ownership, and put you in control of your network!