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Launching South Texas’ First Software and Technology Academy

Local Software Engineers and Technology Experts Launch Valley’s First Software and Technology Academy

Free programming courses for beginners and certifications for experts.


McAllen, TX: A group of software and technology professionals in the growing startup community in the Rio Grande Valley launched a software and technology school named Code#RGV Academy. The Academy promotes community participation and collaboration by providing basic to expert knowledge and wisdom to the community to invigorate creativity, innovation, and the local economy. Tomorrow, December 18th, the Academy continues their bi-monthly courses with “Networking 101: TCP/IP, DNS, Routing, and Port Forwarding” led by Rene Ramirez, Network Admin from local technology company Tech Synergy Solutions. The course is free to the public and is meant for all skill levels ages 16 and above. After taking the course, you’ll have a clear understanding of how the Internet works. An essential knowledge in the age of Internet of Things where most devices are connected and communicating with the Internet to automate and improve the Quality of Life. The free course starts at 7:00 PM in the second floor of the McAllen Creative Incubator located on 601 N. Main St., McAllen, TX 78504.

codergv-01“This is an opportunity for young adults, and experienced professionals, to learn the latest skills and practices used in the industry and gain real marketable skills,” said Olmo Maldonado, Code#RGV Founder and Software Engineer. “With this new Academy, we are providing a platform for local RGV residents to launch their new careers or sharpen their skillsets. The Academy will create more talent for the job pool and improve the economy of the RGV.” The first course “How does one learn to program?”, presented two weeks ago, received great reviews with an overwhelming 90% of participants in agreement that they “would recommend the classes to others.” One of the participants commented, “I wish I had found a group like this a long time ago.”

The Academy is a great conduit for individuals to learn a new skill set that is estimated to grow by 22% in 2020 and have over a million jobs available that earns a median salary of more than $93,000 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The Code#RGV Academy is a community effort to create jobs and educate students with real world skillsets that are used in the industry. The curriculum is developed and taught by local experts. The Academy helps build the coursework and handles promotion and evaluation of the class. The Academy courses are separated in three tiers: Fundamentals, Applications, and Enterprise courses. The Fundamentals series courses are available free of charge in person and online. The Applications courses are comprehensive courses to prepare the student in specific technological application and platforms. For example: Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Game Design. Finally, the Enterprise courses provide highly specialized knowledge and mastery in a specific technology or skill. In partnership with local and Fortune companies, a student may opt to become certified. Currently the Academy is co-located with the Code#RGV a community event that encourages collaboration and networking among coders and non-coders of all skill levels, and takes place every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

5ed08135-0f44-467e-92b6-4a013dec7507Code#RGV is a community organization with a mission to create tech entrepreneurs and skilled professionals for local jobs by educating, promoting, and certifying professionals. We strive to promote community participation and collaboration to invigorate creativity, innovation, and the local economy. Code#RGV was founded April of 2014 by community members Olmo Maldonado, Drew Lentz, Rene Ramirez, and Justin Lynch. Currently Code#RGV has over 100 members and has already provided over 18 sessions of the event for the community. Find out more and become a member at www.codergv.com.


Frontera Consulting is a very proud sponsor of Code#RGV

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