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Frontera Delivers High-Performance 802.11ac Wi-Fi Network for HIPAA Compliance & Rich Multi-Media Patient Experiences

dlg_00When Dr. Javier De La Garza opened his family dental practice in Weslaco, Texas seven years ago, he wanted to provide an interactive multi-media experience to show patients how to care for and maintain their beautiful smiles. Today his forward thinking dental clinic features the latest wireless tablets and TV monitors to share dental x-rays and 3-D images with patients and to stream eductional videos on good oral hygiene. “We wanted to change the way people experience and interact with our dental staff. Many people, especially children are apprehensive about the dentist office,” said Dr. De La Garza. “Providing fun and entertaining videos that teach our patients about their dental health and to be able to do this wirelessly while allowing my staff to share other content from their mobile devices was our main requirement.”

The De La Garza Family Dental Clinic, is a family dental practice based in Weslaco, Texas. This forward thinking clinic uses wireless, imaging, and video technology to provide a better experience for their patients.

dlg_02Simplicity and Performance
When he made the decision to provide wireless connectivity across his entire clinic, De La Garza called on value-added reseller Frontera Consulting of McAllen, Texas, to recommend and install the best performing and most cost-effective solution. “Because the clinic doesn’t have the technical staff to support or maintain a complicated system themselves, we wanted a solution that was exceptionally easy to deploy and manage from any location,” said Drew Lentz, CEO of Frontera Consulting.“In addition, the system had to be extremely reliable and deliver the performance required for the clinic’s high definition imaging and video streaming. We knew we needed an 802.11ac solution to meet these requirements and after looking at several different options, we chose the C-75 3×3 MIMO access point from AirTight Networks.”

The clinic needed a reliable, easy to use wireless network to stream video content directly onto their many Android tablets, Apple iPads, and wireless TV monitors. As a medical facility that also processes credit cards, both HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance reporting were core requirements. The solution had to provide high aggregate throughput and little to no application latency.

dlg_01A New Standard of Patient Care
The 802.11ac network Frontera designed and deployed at the clinic delivers plenty of bandwidth to deliver multi-media content directly to the clinic’s many Android tablets, Apple iPads, and wireless TV monitors. These client devices display large 3-D images and x-ray photos for the dentist or dental hygienists to show their patients. This allows patients to literally see where they were having dental problems.

The clinic also purchased a subscription for educational dental videos that stream to the patient waiting area as well as each patient room where the content plays on the clinic’s wireless TV monitors. “We believed this 802.11ac network has benefited the clinic in a number of different ways,” said Lentz. “It not only helped the practice improve its operations with faster wireless access, but it also helped the patients because they now receive much more personalized and effective dental care.”

AirTight 802.11ac C-75 Access Point with AirTight’s cloud service that combines for high performance Wi-Fi access with wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS) and HIPAA/PCI DSS compliance scanning and reporting.

dlg_03Using 802.11ac to Increase Efficiency and Cost Savings
The introduction of the new AirTight 802.11ac network quickly streamlined office procedures for the clinic which has over eight staff members, a spacious reception area and eight patient rooms. Instead of time consuming filing and retrieval of paper records, x-rays, and other dental images, the staff can instantly access and view all images and patient information on their tablets from anywhere inside the clinic. The cloud-managed AirTight Wi-Fi network also makes it easy for Frontera to provide remote network support via the Internet, saving even more time and money. The system is extremely reliable with built-in safeguards against network outages. Even if the connection to the remote management server goes down, the AirTight access points will continue to provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi access and wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) protection. When the connection is restored, all analytics and management information will be updated automatically via the cloud.

“The implementation was totally painless from our perspective. We now have a secure network that meets our business needs and provides my patients with Internet access while they wait. There have been no surprises except good ones, like a great performing network.
Everything has been positive.”
– Dr. Javier De La Garza, D.D.S
Owner, De La Garza Family Dental Clinic

dlg_04HIPAA Compliance Reporting
In addition to performance and ease of use, the clinc had stringent requirements for security and privacy. The fact that the AirTight system includes built-in HIPAA compliance reporting as well as the industry’s only WIPS solution for 802.11ac devices, convinced Lentz that it was the most secure Wi-Fi option for the clinic. “AirTight’s background scanning makes it a great remote Wi-Fi performance troubleshooting tool,” said Lentz. “It provides important information about the airspace critical to making channel changes and optimizing the wireless network to minimize application latency. This is essential for this deployment because of the heavy video streaming traffic on the network.”

• Secure, reliable, and affordable Wi-Fi.
• Gigabit wireless performance for distribution of high resolution images and streaming video content.
• Automated 24×7 WIPS protection plus HIPAA and PCI compliance report.
• Ability to manage remotely using AirTight’s cloud-based management console.
• Analytics and a host of other value-added features.


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