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Thank You from the 2014 FTP Frontera Technology Partner Event!

Everyone at Frontera would like to thank all of you that attended the FTP 2014 event at IMAS on Thursday, May 29th! It was a great event filled with vendors, exciting customers, door prizes, and food!


Here’s a recap:
We heard about the RADWIN product line and how it is been deployed in South Texas to solve connectivity needs while cutting out recurring monthly fees. We learned that they provide Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, and Mobile sub-6GHz microwave solutions! We also learned that they have great koozies! 🙂

Next up we heard from Extreme Networks Jim Jenkins about their easy to use and seamlessly managed product line of switch, including the X670 with 48-ports of PoE for a tight budget. Jim walked us through the management benefits and spoke about the Enterasys acquisition and how the enables them to provide more analytics, data, and information on wired or wireless networks, like the Patriots Stadium, the Philadelphia Eagles, and even the Baylor Bears!


AirTight Networks followed with a dual presentation from Greg Blum and Sales Engineer Blake Oser. Greg did a fantastic job outlining the benefits of the AirTight platform, an infrastructure piece of equipment focused on wireless security and threat mitigation. He continued by speaking about the retail analytic components and socially-enabled benefits of the devices. The fireworks came when Blake took the podium and gave everyone a great example of why wireless network security matters by demonstrating his wireless man in the middle and false beaconing techniques and posting the results live on the screen. Needles to say I think that got the attention of a few people! Our own Drew Lentz from Frontera followed up with a demonstration of socially enabled location aware services using event triggers to build interactive responses. Hello future of advertising 🙂

Throughout the day, attendees had the ability to step outside a take a ride in or even drive the new Cadillac ELR Electric Vehicle. Bert Ogden Cadillac, our gracious sponsor of breakfast tacos and coffee, made the unique vehicle available to us to fit in with the technology theme of the overall event.


After breaking for lunch and getting our fill of sandwiches, we kicked off the cable crimping competition where contestants were timed and scored on their ability to build a patch cable properly.


A huge congratulations to Frankie Garza from Port Isabel PD for taking home the coveted Black Star award! Thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing your perfected skills at the next event!

Graybar’s Scott Ponton followed the cabling competition by showing examples and explaining the benefits of proper structured cabling, and the use of premium cable vs traditional cheap CAT5. His presentation was spot-on as he had example after example of why building a solid foundation benefits everyone in the organization. We even learned about a new type of Berk-Tek cable with premium jacket and conductor cover that dissipates heat that is perfect for the future demands of PoE, PoE+, and PoE++ while carrying multi-gig traffic!


Congrats to all of our door prize winners!!

Derek Smith from Xirrus was up next to talk about the “SAFE” features of the wireless arrays that Xirrus manufacturers. It’s Scalable because you can build multiple radios into a single array saving time, money, and infrastructure. It features Application Control services based on the same industry leading software as Palo Alto Networks, allowing you to trim down, disable, or enable any type of application at the edge of your network. They have a huge emphasis on Futureproofing becuase you can only use however many radios you need, when you need them, and upgrade effortlessly to new technology plugging in new modules. And finally it’s, Easy to manage, administrate, control, and operate using the XMS cloud!

ShaoreTel Sky’s David Jantz followed with an amazing presentation that not only featured his products, but gave a breakdown of the Why’s of the state of our industry. The data he shared was captivating, informative, and all drove to his points of why the infrastructure and services that are provided by ShoreTel Sky are not only great, but essential in the changing environments that our business are facing. Illustrative points and figures were used to convey the overall message, that at the end, made for one of the best presentations I have seen in quite a while. The product not only stands on its own two feet but has helped transformed the industry from a piece of hardware that is a necessary evil, to a service and application set that drives business. All for $60 a month including the handset, unlimited local and long distance, and a slew of features!

More door prizes!

More door prizes!

Ed Holt from Ruckus Wireless gave an on-point presentation next, delivering the key differentiators that make the Ruckus product line stand out. From example images and data for how and why BeamFlex works to an understanding of airtime fairness, the benefits of the product line were very clear. Referencing example installations of Frontera’s, such as IMAS and the City of Rio Grande City, clear-cut case studies were included to drive not just information, but usable real-world scenarios for the audience.

All in all it was a great event with a number of different ways to learn about our product offerings, our vendors, the overall solutions, and how it applies to you, the customer! We look forward to seeing you at our next event and we hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for coming!


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