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International Museum of Art & Science Using Wireless Technology to Deliver First All Digital Exhibit

“La Frontera: Artists along the US Mexican Border”, a digital exhibit, by Stefan Falke is the first of its kind for the photographer and museum using new technology upgrade.

The International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) in McAllen, Texas, is taking advantage of its new technology upgrade by presenting La Frontera: Artists along the US Mexican Border by Stefan Falke as the first all-digital exhibition in the history of the museum. Using a newly upgraded wireless network, designed and installed by local company Frontera Consulting, visitors are able to view photographs and videos in rich and vivid colors displayed on walls, the floor, or digital displays throughout the gallery. By beaming the images and video across the wireless network using technology from Google and Ruckus Wireless, the lack of cables and devices add to the aesthetics of the exhibit by seemingly conjuring up the art from within the walls and floor of the museum.


In a first for world renowned photographer Stefan Falke as well as IMAS, this type of digital exhibit lends itself to the creativity of the artist. No longer shackled by gallery wall space and size of prints, the artist is free to choose a larger number of items to be displayed to complete the meaning and sense of scale of his artwork. “The whole idea (of this project) is to overwhelm the viewer by the sheer number of artists there are along the border,” Falke said.

Stefan Falke’s “La Frontera: Artists along the US Mexican Border” examines the borderland’s flourishing art communities with photographs of more than 180 painters, muralists, art promoters, museum directors, musicians, theater actors, dancers, poets, and sculptors, all creative, linked to institutions, or working independently. Falke is the latest recipient of The David Chow Humanitarian Award for bringing to light the humanitarian issues of immigration and human rights through his photographic coverage of artists along the US/Mexican Border.


The task of providing “Gallery Quality” wireless communications fell on the shoulders of McAllen based technology provider Frontera Consulting. Since the installation of the network in 2013, Frontera has assisted IMAS through various projects to help take advantage of leading edge

technology to increase the visitor experience and offer new and exciting ways to enjoy art and science. To tackle the task of supplying the artwork out of thin air, Frontera leveraged its partnership with Google, Ruckus Wireless, and Extreme Networks. Google Chromecast devices were used to transmit high definition video from the vault area of the museum across the Ruckus Wireless network, which was optimized specifically to handle this type of video. The core network equipment by Extreme Networks allowed for optimization and prioritization of the traffic to ensure the highest quality for the museum visitor.

Combining an international gallery by a world renowned artist with best-in-class technologies has yielded a unique museum visitor experience for IMAS, the artist Stefan Falke, and the citizens of the Rio Grande Valley.

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