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Frontera Supplies Event Wi-Fi at McAllen’s 2013 Tamale Fest!

Frontera, as a technology sponsor to the McAllen Tamale Fest, was tasked with providing a high-user density, dependable, and rapdily-deployed wi-fi network. In the timeframe of less than an hour, a soccer field on the North side of McAllen was capable of providing over 1,000 users with 20mbps of Internet access using Wi-Fi!


Rapid-deployable solutions like this are an easy way to draw attention to an event, allow users to quickly and effortlessly share their experience, and provide seamless communication by event management. Equipment by Xirrus, Inc. was taken out of the box and provisioned on-site by Frontera.


A high-speed connection from Rioplex Broadband, another Tamale Fest sponsor, was used to gain access to the Internet. The two were bridged together by the team at Frontera and deployed so that users on any type of wireless device could connect and share their experience at Tamale Fest. A user-driven competition was started by asking attendees to tag their photos on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #McAllenTamaleFest to enter for a chance to win giveaway goodie bags from Frontera.

Overall it was a great success and it made for a fantastic user experience with well-known technology in a unique setting!

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